Why I Love What I Do

G3ME0V3R YT Logo.png

Hello, My name is Myles Richardson and I've been a fan of digital
design for over three years and I thought it would be nice to let my
creativity shine by putting my designs on T-shirts.
“Life moves so fast that sometimes it could just be a blur - and
because of this blur, you tend to lose track of time. But, before
your time’s up your job is to make a difference whether it be
through your words or your actions.
I’m here to give you that little push that you need to show the
world your voice through your day to day clothing with designs
that no one has ever seen before.
Creating designs that will stand out from the crowd that’ll give you
the push you need to show the world who you truly are, and to be
able to stand proud of your true self without being turned by all
the hate.
G3MEOV3R’s goal is to assist dreamers to reach their goal and
make it come to the past.
But through these words, I tell you…you’ll have to be able to fail,
and fail and fail some more; then with that failure, you’ve gained,
turn it into energy and stubbornness so you won’t give up. As
Nelson Mandela once said ‘I never lose, I either win or learn so
just keep learning until you win.’
I haven’t won yet, I’m still learning like all of you, so in the end, we
will all win together! 

-Myles R.